Strong consome of great slovakian chicken farm
with handmade alkaline noodles

Soup of the day, changes daily


Steamed potatoes over wild thyme with caramelised onion,
saffron and lemon butter, grissini and our fermented kefir

Fermented vegetables salad, spelt toast of our bread
and cheesy bechamel, vegetable crisps

Salad of celeriac, puy lentil, hazelnuts, mint.
Poached egg, steamed leek

One of the top quality slovakian chicken livers, deviled with berries
with our sourdough spelt bread


Special of the day

Orozotto is perl barley risotto, c├ępes, stock, cheese.
Thyme and garlick crispy crumb over it

Superior chicken from slovakian farm in spelt flour deepfried
in extravirgine sunflower oil. Homemade mayonaise.
Fermented vegetables of our make

Whole butter panfried rainbowtrout, greek olive
oil potato mash Scordalia, crispy bacon, achovy sauce

Carpathian Elk, which is kind of a big deer from Slovakian
mountains. We buy nose to tail from unique Slovakian
so the actual part of animal is as a daily special


Creme brulee right?

Pies and cakes from: Nebo pieklo (Heaven Baked)


Cheese plate


Garlic socca, 2 ps

Salty, spicy pan-roasted nuts